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ただの並べ替えです。 reverse です。

#include <stdio.h>

#define maxnumber 10

void run_backwards(int user_array[]);

    int number[maxnumber];
    int index;
    printf("Give me nine numbers and I\'ll print them backwards \n");
    for(index=0; index<maxnumber; ++index)
        printf("Number[%d] = ", index);
        scanf("%d", &number[index]);
    printf("Thank you... \n");

void run_backwards(int user_array[])
    int index;
    printf("\n Here are the numbers oiu entered displayed\n");
    printf("in the reverse order of entry:\n");
    for(index=maxnumber-1; index>=0; index--)
        printf("number[%d] = %d\n", index, user_array[index]);